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My Art & Design interview for UiTM
Thursday, April 24, 2014 ♥ 11:03 AM ♥ 0 comments

Assalamualaikum and hello everybody!!! I'm so excited for this next entry. Wanna know why? Because it's all about my first interview! Hehe. So basically I've applied Art & Design for my first choice in my UPU selection and alhamdulillah I got the interview. I don't have a laptop so I asked one of my twitter friends to check for me. And I got it. Ok so back to the story. The interview is on 19/4/2014 but.. Wanna know something? I'm so careless. I just heard from my friend that my interview is on 20/4 so I followed her. Till the day when I checked my name is not on the list. 

"Min, aku dah check nama kau tapi kenapa tak ada? Aku tak tengok betul betul kot. Cuba kau try tengok balik."

And surprisingly my name is not on the list!!! Only god knows what I feel. Because the facilitator has already started calling out names to enter the room. I'm scared. I feel like crying out loud but I control everything and search for my parents. 

"Ayah nama min takde kat list sbb min patutnya interview semalam bukan harini. Ayah, habis burn yah interview min *crying helplessly*"

And then my dad went to see the person in charge and beg so that I can join the interview. Guess what? I got it. Alhamdulillah rezeki 😊 unbelievable kan? Inilah namanya  rezeki. Hihi. So I went in the room and the room is filled with lots of students. Most of them are girls. Only a few boys. The facilitator asked me to sit infront. First of all, I thought because he wanted to quarantine me but nah, they just want to fill up the room. Fuh. I sat at a round table at a corner. Right in front, near the entrance door. And then came two girls and they both sat next to me. Ya allah they are super friendly. They are Farah & Amalina (Amal). We were given a form to fill. As usual lah kan, name, spm results and bla bla bla. At the bottom of the form, there are 9 choices in art & design. Graphics are one of them. So I ticked graphic for the first one, technology printing (2nd) and photography (3rd). 

I'm not that good at drawing. But I've tried my best. May Allah ease everything for me. After the drawing test, we are asked to move to the next room which is located at the third floor. Fuh long way huh? Tiring but what can I do right? Hahaha. Farah, Amal and I were the first one for the interview. I'm so scared because I don't even have an art portfolio. What do I do?! Farah said its okay because I didn't took arts in secondary school. After the interview, I can't believe it we were the earliest to finish! The interview only took two hours. Like wow. All of my friends say the interview's gonna take a long time. But syukur. And now I hope I can further my studies at UiTM since it's been my dream all this while. Amin. And I have news for you guys! I got the matriculation at Kelantan. Odd hah? Because I really suck at My account subject. But whatever it is, rezeki. Alhamdulillah. Till we meet again. Bye!

Yasmin Nabila Ahmad Luthfi